Recruiting Horror stories

After graduation ever student has a beautiful and enthusiastic desire to be recruited in an organization or in a firm in his or her first interview. No one can even think about any hurdle facing in the phase of requirement because of an idealistic approach of a student. But in fact, there are many reasons which force you to face many hurdles while going for interviews for a suitable or dream job. After some time even the definition of the ideal job also changed and it becomes more practical.

The recruiting horror stories are from both sides as sometimes it became a nightmare in the form of rejection and sometimes you refused to go for that particular job. So, every person faces some bad recruiting experiences in his or her initial carer. Now, I am working as a Prison Psychologist as a government employee, finally a dream job, after so many bad experiences of recruiting.

These experiences are not the story of one day but it consists of a period of time, which brings many ups and downs in my mood, psychological state, and emotional disturbances. If I recall all these stories, definitely it gives me an impression of horror. I believe now that I am not the only one who faced these experiences but every person faced these kinds of things in his or her initial struggling time period of recruiting for a perfect job. Let me share some of my recruiting horror stories. 

Job cum internship 

As I already mentioned that I am working as a Prison Psychologist now, so after graduation and complete supervised internships (which certified that now I can work as a professional psychologist), apply at some places to start my paid practice and pursue my career. In this process, I applied in an NGO that advertise for a psychologist, the HR called me for an interview.

Interview started they go through my CV and ask some relevant questions, the interview that supposed to be of 25 mints goes on for 40 mints in which the team asked many questions about my skills, goals, future plans, experience and ambitions. The interview seemed impressive and also gave me the impression that I am going to be selected for that job.

At the end of the interview they said that they will inform me through email or call. After 2 days, I got a call from them, but that call was shocking for me because they were demanding that I joined them but not on a paid salary but as an internee which meant that I have to serve there without wages. So, that was my first ever worst experience which hurt my expectations and made me horrified. 

After 2 days, I got a call from them, but that call was shocking for me because they were demanding that I joined them but not on a paid salary but as an internee which meant that I have to serve there without wages. So, that was my first ever worst experience which hurt my expectations and made me horrified. 

The Age obstacle 

After the first bad experience, I went for another job in a firm where I got to know that they need an elder person for that job and my age is not fulfilling the criteria of that particular job. Here the point of consideration is that in the job advertisement they mentioned a different age requirement which contradicts the age criteria they told me at the time of interview. So, here is another bad experience of an unprofessional attitude from a firm. And gives me an impression of age obstacle in recruiting. 

The special case that will always be a nagging memory 

This time the opportunity I wanted as a prospective employee meet-up to an occupation office and right now at the entryway they revealed to me, sorry, yet this position was filled yesterday.  Indeed, a debt of gratitude is in order for my time. Apologies, yet now I should boycott your organization everlastingly and tell the majority of my companions what awful professionalism you have. 

A freelancing training Scam 

After experiencing these things, because of financial needs, I finally decided to go for online work as a freelancer until I may get another reasonable job. But because of a naive, I didn’t know about the process and how to get clients from that. So, I decided to get some training before starting work. For this purpose, I applied and paid for an online training class.

But that turned into a horror story because they just emailed me some documents with a lot of technical terms, along with some worksheets which I was supposed to submit them after reading and understanding the material which they mailed me. Seriously, that is supposed to be a training or a workshop? Alas, like this I faced an online scam of freelancing training. 

The removed speculator

After didn’t go for a reasonable position I got sourced for a new job. Cool, I figured, they should have truly loved my online nearness. I messaged somewhat to and fro with the selection representative (who additionally happened to be the organization proprieto) and I sent him my portfolio and CV. He welcomed me for a meeting and I should concede, my excitement kicked the bucket apiece. It was simply incredible, a long way from where I live and the day by day drive would be a serious problem.

I was debilitated, however needing to keep my statement I came in any case just to find that… the person never at any point opened any of my records. To be completely forthright, I have no clue for what reason would he even welcome me for the meeting, as he fundamentally just knew my name.

Did he push “I’m feeling fortunate” in the selection representative Google and get my contact? Following 30 seconds of examining my portfolio, he disclosed to me that my style doesn’t accommodate his organization picture.  I will never get those 6 hours of my life back. Huh. 

The Flirty one 

Everything began as an exceptionally insipid, uninteresting meeting for an exhausting employment proposition. Till the minute the person asked me how much pay I anticipate. Because of my need and prior bad experiences, I gave him a number (entirely low, as the person had an unpleasant vibe and I as of now didn’t need the activity at any rate).

He smiled and he disclosed to me that my desires were ludicrous, however in the event that I will get back on the ground from my reasonably land, he would extend to me this employment opportunity. He gave me his number and obviously, it was inconceivably low, around 30% of median pay in this field. I was very stunned with his conduct and to be honest, this hostile offer and obviously, I can’t.

First, he began actually chuckling in my face, at that point he got all red and irate and began yelling that I was fanciful and never will get a new line of work in this city. I was stunned so… I just got up and left. I imagine that man was attempting to abuse the reality I was new in the city and he was trusting I didn’t have the foggiest idea about the standard compensation rates. Luckily, I did my exploration. Additionally, I would prefer not to work with menaces (and neither should with any other individual).

The rude one with an unnecessary attitude

Some recruiters were so rude and had an unnecessary attitude that they become a painful experience for a long time period. Their gestures were simply like they were really unhappy to even see me. But specifically this one will always have a special place in my heart. First, after the welcome handshake, he walked out without a word and made me wait for 20 minutes in an empty room.

Then he came back (without a word of explanation) and lied down on his chair, sinking under the tiny table, and told me straight up that he didn’t have time to look into my profile. Seriously, then why didn’t you told me that before wasting my 20 minutes? He asked for a printed CV and when I gave it to him, he took it ostentatiously with two fingers as if it was something really disgusting. He didn’t look at it.

Instead, he asked me to tell him something about me and immediately started texting (and continued to do so the whole friggin’ time.) At the very end, to my utter surprise, he offered me the job (with pretty good pay).

I said I need to think about it, got the hell out of there and (lesson learned from the encounter with the prior creepo) wrote a refusal by email.

Lessons learned from these horrors stories

After back to back, rejections and these horrifying experiences, I learned some thoughtful and important lessons. This gave me the courage to dare these negative attitudes of the recruiters and unprofessional behaviors, when I got a seat or position to recruit someone. The first thing I learned is to respect others as humans and also have respect for their time.

Secondly, at least be honest and fair with your own job and then with others so that they can make better decisions about working with you. Thirdly, gave importance to others skills and comfort also. To be at the interview place punctually is not an easy task for an unemployed person, it took many resources and sometimes burdened a person disruptively. In spite of all these things, I am hopeful about humanity and the positive rays of humans, sharing these recruiting horror stories is just like a catharsis.