Sometimes things go horrible in the recruiting process. Sometimes the issues like the resume loaded with spelling mistakes or the competitor who says an inappropriate thing, jaw-droppingly peculiar, maddeningly baffling things that would be difficult to accept on the off chance that weren’t valid. 

We’ve connected with many procuring supervisors the nation over and accumulated some of the most interesting enlisting horror stories. Let’s have a look at these odd stories and check yourself fortunate they didn’t transpire.

A perfect candidate but a Drug Abuser

Sometimes recruitment becomes a nightmare when after a passage of time you explored out some facts that go against the policies of the company. In the context, I have the most favorite story of mine was the point at which I was attempting to enlist a specialized exchange. We had been searching for a considerable participant who goes for the long run, and finally, we found an applicant best suited for this job.

He was qualified with a couple of years of experience. Meeting went well and he could begin with a week’s take note. All workers needed to experience drug testing before initiation and shockingly this person fizzled. He had around 4 drug traces about levels showing long haul use. At the point when I rang to educate him regarding the outcomes, he said: “I had a glass of wine the night prior to, that more likely than not been it”. And after that, we took another 8 months to fill that job again. 

The Over-involving father

Some experiences are imprinted in your mind like a line on stone. Some candidates give you immemorable moments and it adds the species when the family of a participant also came for an interview. I also have a screaming story of that kind, I was recruiting for an executive position in my company, for that a participant joined us along with her father.

First, that was a surprising moment because it never happen before.  Her father sat in with her in the interview. When we inquired he said he just want to make sure that she will give all the answers properly. And he is also here to support her so she does not become nervous. After an argument, we were able to convince him that the interview belongs to her, not to him. Answering the questions is up to her not to you.

And finally, he sat outside the interview room and wait impatiently. That was a unique experience in its nature and I never forgot that argument because I remember that was very annoying and gave me a horror. 

The Obsessive one

Once we recruited an employee as a temp. His resume was very strong and he was also referred by a reputed agency. I also prefer him because of these factors but suddenly one day I got a call from a Client about his insane behavior. When I inquired I came to know that he has some serious cleanliness issues which also troubled his colleagues also.

But now its the matter of my client with whom he created serious trouble with his rude behavior. When I observed his behavior and also inquire from others I came to know that he was an obsessive routine of washing before every action and after every touch. And also force others to do so. When I discuss this matter with him I came to know that this action was only because his girlfriend directed him to do so.

Then I counsel him and we mutually set a washing plan for him which he followed as a good gesture. Meanwhile, I talk to the client and made an excuse with an explanation about my temps’ behavior. He understands that and things got better.