Recruiting someone isn’t a simple errand and particularly when you may proceed with this procedure you may have numerous awful encounters. These terrible encounters may give you trouble and in some cases some significant experiences.

Being a recruiter specifically isn’t a cup of tea it is an overlooked and most troublesome activity which I experienced. It’s a general observation that up-and-comers, for the most part, confronted spotter’s disposition and haughtiness yet truth be told, it’s two-route enduring in which alongside up-and-comers at times selection representatives likewise had many screaming stories.

As a spotter, I can clarify these accounts in an elaboration manner. I encountered numerous things some of the time aggravating and now and then amusing however terrible. Here are a few stories which perhaps you can likewise identify with yourself:

One who changed his mind 

Recruiting someone for a position is not a joke and it turns into a nightmare when the candidate quickly changed his mind right after a selection when the recruiting process is windup. Once, after a struggling time period and spending so much time I finally selected a candidate. And that new hire joined for two days and then decides to quite which was very shocking because before that he seemed so much enthesitis and excited to work with us. Initially, we thought maybe he has any troublesome.

So, there were some sympathies for him in that we contacted him again and asked for the reason for this sudden quitting. In response, he with a very casual attitude informed us that he has no valid reason but he just changed his mind to not work with us. Seriously, that attitude was like we were honored to have him as a royalty in our team. And again we have to screen out the candidates and again go with the same process for that vacant position.

This non-serious and unprofessional attitude is not the problem of this case only but 30% of employees quit the job within 90 days. That is a big number and the most time consuming and irritating thing for management. 

Experiencing the incompetency in a person; A bad interview

Competency is an important element that a recruiter seeks in a candidate. As I mentioned that recruiting is the most hectic and time-consuming job ever. And it becomes more hectic when you have to face incompetency. An incompetent person takes a lot of energy and sometimes give you a burnout.

An experience of incompetency was also faced by me which is still a horror story for me. The matter is that, we were searching for a graphic designer for our designing department. After two interviews, a candidate came who had a graduate degree in graphic designing. We thought maybe this will be our selection, but soon we came to realize that thought was a mistake.

The candidate was a non-serious and incompetent person who even can’t answer about the basic things. Of course, we would not go for that selection. That will become a wrong decision ever. So, we end up with an excuse and with a horrible experience. At that time I learned that to avoid such horror stories there must be a screening method for all candidates which may save you from a headache at time of recruitment. 


Screening should be an essential part before interviewing candidates and there should be some names in the waiting list to be at the secure side and avoid the time-wasting events.